1.After to take the medication,the patient became drowsy and more manageagle.
                                                      B                   C                                                D
jawab:(A)to take
key word:After
pembahasan:seharusnya taking,setelah preposisi verb harus digerundkan.

2.We insists you leaving the meeting before any further outbursts take place.
                         A      B                                    C                       D
key word:leaving
pembahasan:seharusnya your,subject gerund adalah possessive adjective.

3.It has been a long time since we have talked to John,isn’t it?
        A                   B            C                                                         D
jawab:(D)isn’t it
key word:it has
pembahasan:seharusnya hasn’t it,aux dalam kalimat adalah has.

4.Henry objects to our buying this house without the approval of our attorney,and John 
                                                A                                              B                           C                          D
does so.

jawab:(D)John does so.
key word:so
pembahasan:seharusnya John does too atau so does John.
affirmative statement(be)+and+subject+verb(be)+too
5.Rita enjoyed to be able to meet several congress members during her vacation.
                               A             B                C                                                              D
jawab:(A)to be
key word:enjoyed
pembahasan:seharusnya being,setelah enjoy harus being.

6.After being indicate for his part in a bank robbery,the reputed mobster decided 
               A                          B                                                        C
find attorney.

key word:decide
pembahasan:seharusnya to find,setelah decide harus to infinitif

7.Harry’s advitor persuaded his taking several courses which didn’t involve much 
                                                             A                                           B                   C          D
knowledge of mathematics.

jawab:(A)his taking
key word:persuade
pembahasan:seharusnya him to take,persuade+comp+to inf

8.The only teachers who were required to attend the meeting were George,Betty,Jill,and me.
         A                                    B                           C                                                                                    D
key word:George,Betty,Jill,
pembahasan:seharusnya I ,setelah be harus subject pronoun.

9.The work performed by this officers are not worth ourpaying them any longer.
                                                  A                  B                       C                           D
key word:the work
pembahasan:seharusnya is,the work tunggal.

10.The president went finishing after he has finished with the conferences.               
       A                                       B            C                   D
jawab:(D)has finished
key word:went
pembahasan:seharusnya had finished,kejadian pertama menggunakan past

11.Peter and Tom plays tennis every afternoon with Marry and me.
                                 A              B                   C                          D
key word:Peter and Tom
pembahasan:seharusnya ply ,subjectnya jamak.

12.There were a time that I used to swim five laps everyday,but now I don’t have enough 
                      A                                      B                                 C                                               D
key word:a time
pembahasan:seharusnya was,subjectnya tunggal.

13.He was drink a cup of coffee when the tel
ephone rang.

                   A             B                          C                             D
jawab:(A)was drinking
key word:was
pembahasan:seharusnya was drinking,rumus past continuous.

14.We called yesterday our friends in Boston to tell them about the reunion that we are 
                 A                           B                                    C                D
jawab:(B)yesterday our friends in Boston
key word:our friends in Boston
pembahasan:seharusnya our friends in Boston yesterday,s+v+comp+modifier

15.The children were playing last night outdoors when it began to rain very hard.
                                       A                     B                                          C                D
jawab:(B)last night outdoors
key word:outdoors
pembahasan:seharusnya outdoors last night,modifier of place+modifier of time


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