1.Buying clothes are often a very time-consuming practice because those clothes that a 
                                 A                                 B                                             C
person are rarely the ones that fit him or her.
are rarely the ones that fit him or her.
jawab: (A)are
key word:Buying clothes
pembahasan:Buying clothes adalah gerund,sehingga v-ing dianggap tunggal.

2.Because they had spent too many time considering the new contract,the students
         A                                             B                        C
lost the opportunity to lease the apartment.

jawab:(B)too many
key word:time
pembahasan:seharusnya too much karena time adalah non-countable.

3.These television are all to expensive for we to buy at this time,but perhaps we will return 
        A                                        B                              C                       D

jawab:(C)we to buy
key word:for
pembahasan:seharusnya us,setelah preposisi menggunakan object.

4.After she had bought himself a new automobile,she sold her bicycle.
                           A                                                            C            D
key word:She
pembahasan:seharusnya herself,reflexive pronoun harus sama dengan subjectnya.

5.The next important question we have to decide is when do we have to submit the proposal.
                         A                                                     B                                 C                D
jawab:(C)when do we have to
key word: berupa noun clause
pembahasan:seharusnya when we have to,bukan kalimat tanya.
rumus:CONJ.+S+V+O(anak kalimat)

6.George has not completed the assignment yet,and maria hasn’t neither.
                         A                                  B                  C              &nb
sp;             D

jawab:(D)hasn’t either
key word:hasn’t
pembahasan:seharusnya hasn’t either,subject+aux not + either.

7.John decide to buy in the morning a new car,but in the afternoon he changed his mind.
                              A                          B                                      C                                        D
jawab:(B)in the morning a mew car
key word:in the morning
pembahasan:seharusnya a new car in the morning,subject+verb+comp+modifier.

8.Some of the plants in this store require very little care,but this on needs much more 
               A                                                                            B                                                  C
sunlight the others ones.
jawab:(D)others ones
key word:others
pembahasan:seharusnya the others atau the other ones,other berfungsi sebagai adjective ketika hadir sebelum noun sehingga tidak bisa dijamak.

9.After George had returned to his house,he was reading a book.
                                       A                  B              C          D
jawab:(D)he was reading
key word:dua konsep kejadian
pembahasan:seharusnya read,past perfect bertemunya dengan simple past

10.Many theories on conserving the purity of water has been proposed,but not one has been
        A                                                                                             B                                    C
as widely accepted as this one.
jawab:(B)has been
key word:many theories
pembahasan:seharusnya have been,subjectnya jamak.

11.The food that mark is cooking in the kitchen is smelling delicious.
           A                                     B                                      C                   D
jawab:(C)is smelling
key word:smell
pembahasan:seharusnya smells,smell adalah verb linking(non-progressive)

12.After John eaten dinner,he wrote several letters and went to bed.
                              A                           B                C                            D
key word:after
pembahasan:seharusnya had eaten,kejadian pertama menggunakan tenses past perfect.

13.The manager has finished working on the report last night and now she will begin to 
                                        A                   B                C          
write other proposal.
jawab:(A)has finished
key word:last night
pembahasan:seharusnya finished,last night dalah keterangan waktu untuk simple past.

14.Because Sam Michelle had done all of the work their selves;they were unwilling to 
             A                                      B                                            C                                          D
give results to John.

jawab:(C)their selves
key word:their
pembahasan:seharusnya themselves,bukan theirselves

15.Daniel said that if he had to another homework tonight,he would not be able to attend 
                                          A                  B                                                                 C                     D
the concert.

key word:another
pembahasan:seharusnya any more,another tidak bisa digunakan untuk non-countable noun.

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