1.The sea chantey,a type of folk music,not only deskribed the

 pleasures of stations’ live ashore,also but the harsh conditions of 
                  B                                   C
life abroad ship.
Key word:not only
Pembahasan:Also➠but also
Pola Correlative/Coordinate Conjuntion:Not only-but also-       
2.Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota has  
A                                B
heads of four presidents of the United States carved into its face.
                                             C                               D
Key word:heads
article/determiner a digunakan untuk menunjukkan singular noun.heads adalah plural maka article yang digunakan seharusnya noun.

3.Nest builing is much less commonly among mammals than 
A                                                                      C
among birds.
Key word:much less
Pola positif degree : less + adjective + than
commonly adalah adverb harus diganti ke bentuk adjective common.
4.The Awakening,a novel by Kate Chopin,shocked readers and 
                                           A                                          B
cause a storm of criticism.
  C                           D
Key word:shocked;and
Kedudukan kata sebelum an sesudah konjungsi dan harus setara.
shocked berbentuk past maka cause harus diubah kedalam past caused.
5.The Alaskan Highway was officially opened November
 20,1942,although much more work  needed be done to complete it.
                      B                  C                    D
Jawab:(D)needed be
Key word:work;done
Pembahasan:Needed be➠need to be
Pola:need + noun/to infinitife
Penggunaan past participle needed pada kalimat soal tidak tepat.
Karena past par
ticiple tidak bisa diikuti be atau bentuk be.Maka yang tepat seharusnya need to be done.

6.Sagebrush florishes in the dry soil of the western plains,where 
                          A                   B
other many plants cannot grow.
    C                         D
Jawab:(C) other many
Key word:plants
Pembahasan:other many➠another many
kata plants pada kalimat soal belum diketahui dengan jelas dan pasti.Maka determiner other kurang tepat.Determiner yang tepat another.
7.Modern directions of shakespeare are not longer inhibited by 
         A                                                           B
earlier traditions of realistic settings.
C                                 D
Key word:traditions of realistic settings
Pembahasan:earlier➠the earlier
kata benda yang diterangkan dalam kalimat soal traditions of realistic settings sudah diketahui dengan jelas.Maka lebih tepatnya adjective earlier ditambahi determiner the.

8.Surveys show that the majority of passangers are pleasing that an
 agreement has been reached to forbid smokking on commercial 
B                                     C
flights within the continental United States.
Jawab:(A)are pleasing
Key word:the majority passangers
Pembahasan:are pleasing➠are pleasant
Makna dari kalimat tersebut adalah passangers merasa senang bukan memberi kesenangan.Maka adjective yang tepat adalah pleasant.
9.Snakes are capable of graceful motion throughout the entire long
                            A                           B                                  C
of their rubbery bodies.
Jawab:(C)entire long
Key word:the
Pembahasan:entire long➠entire part
Pola noun phrase:modifier(adjective) + head(noun).
Kata adjective entire tidak bisa disandingkan sebelum adjective akan tetapi bisa disandingkan sebelum noun(part).

10.Tariffs preventing the most efficient use of the world’s resources 
                        A                                                                         B
by restricting division of labor to national boundaries.
           C                                             D 
Key word:tarrifs
Pola simple present:s + verb 1
at di atas belum memiliki predikat yang tepat.Maka predikat yang tepat seharusnya prevent.

11.The Aleuts in western Alaska have always depended of the sea 
                               A                           B                            C
for food.
key word:depended
Preposition yang tepat setelah kata kerja depended adalah on bukan of.
12.Atoms that having different atomic numbers generally behave 
                           A                                     B                            C
Key word:that
Penggunaan present participle having pada kalimat tersebut tidak tepat karena sudah ada relative ppronoun that maka yang benar having diubah menjadi main verb have sesuai dengan plural subject Atoms.
13.Over the past few year,many towns in the United states have   
                                  A                    B
been joining with neighboring communities to share the costs of
          C                                                                  D
Jawab:(A)few year
Key word:the past
Pembahasan:few year➠few years
few digunakan untuk bentuk jamak countable nouns.Kata year adalah countable yang harus ditambahi s untuk menjadi plural.

14.What makes for human skeleton hard and strong is the presence
   A                                   B                    C
of the metallic element calcium.
Jawab:(A)for human
Key word:makes
Pembahasan:for human➠human
kata make dalam adjective clause pada kalimat soal,tidak memerlukan preposisi maka preposisi for harus dihilangkan.

15.Many of Robert Bly’s poems explore solitude,natural vigor,a
silent in an immediate and modern idiom.
   B         C                                D
Key word:and
kedudukan kata sebelum dan sesudah konjungsi and harus setara,solitude dan natural figure adalah noun maka silent(adjective) harus diubah menjadi noun(silence). 

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