1.Crazy Horse is generally recognized for his courageous and
                                                     A                                        B
 skill,and he was revered by the Sioux as their greatest leader.
                                          C                                    D
Jawab:(B)courageous and skill

Key word:his
Pembahasan:courageous➠courage and skill
Dua kata yang berbeda jenis kelas kata nya tidak bisa dihubungkan dengan penghubung dan kecuali setara jenis kelas kata nya.Maka courageous(adjective) diubah menjadi courage(noun)sehingga memiliki kedudukan yang sama dengan akill(noun).

2.In medicine,certain plastics have important uses because they
                                       A                                               B                        
do not affected by chemicals in the body,and they do not harm the 
         C                                                                        D
Jawab:(C)do not affected
Key word:by chemicals
Pembahasan:do not affected➠ are not affected
Pola negative passive voice:be + not + V3

3.Since a hospital is organized to protect and treat people who are 
ill,its goals,structures,and functions depend on the currently state  
                        B                                       C                   D
 of medical science.
Key word:state of medical science
Pola noun phrase:modifier(adjective)+head(noun)

4.A change in direction of the monsoon winds result from the 
nbsp;                  A

differences between the heating or cooling of landmasses and that 
         B                                                  C
of oceans.
Key word:from
Pembahasan:result➠is resulted
Pola passive voice:be + V3

5.Small distinctions among Stamps,unimportant to the person 
                A                                                                       B
average,would mean a great deal to the stamp collector.
                            C                        D
Jawab:(B)the person average
Key word:unimportant;would
Pembahasan:the person average➠the personal average
Pola noun phrase:modifier(adjective) + head(noun)

6.Members of a nation’s foreign service represent that country’s 
interests abroad and report on the conditions,trends,and policies of 
                   B                 C
the country which they are stationed.
Jawab:(D)country which they
Key word:are
Pembahasan:country which they➠country which
Kata they setelah which yang dimaksudkan untuk mengganti the conditions,trends,and policies harus dihilangkan karena sudah digantikan dengan relative pronoun which.

7.Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home resembled those of many 
others mid-western pioneers,with its dirt floor,sleeping loft,and 
    B                                           C    D
crude fireplace.
Key word:mid-western pioneers
Kata others yang merupakan kata benda jamak tidak bisa ditemani dengan kata benda yang lain(mid-western pioneers).Maka harus diganti dengan other,karena di semua kasus kata other yang paling dibenarkan.

8.It has been reported that during any twenty-four hour period,
                                                                      A                                 B
minimal of three hundred North American women start their own 
        C                                                                          D
Jawab:(C)a minimal of
Key word:three hundred
Pembahasan:a minimal of➠a minimum of
article/determiner a hanya digunakan untuk menunjukkan kata benda/noun phrase bukan kata sifat(minimal).

8.Dwelling primarily in the ice northern polar seas,beluga whales 
                         A                   B
are characteristically small,white,agile,and elusive.
 C                                            D
Key word:northern polar seas
Pola noun phrase : modifier(adjective) + head(noun)

9.The bold way in which Margaret Mead defined terms“family” 

              A                                                                    B
based as much on choice as on biological relationship-is possibly 
the most enduring of her legacies.
Key word:family
Istilah yang dimaksud family adalah singular maka bentuk jamak dari terms harus diubah menjadi tunggal term sesuai jumlah istilah yang disebutkan.

10.The planet Mars is a freezing,barren deserts with huge,dry 
       A                                  B                      C
canyons and towering volcanoes.
Key word: a freezing
Ada article/determiner a yang menunjukkan benda tunggal maka kata benda jamak deserts harus diganti kata benda tunggal desert.

11.Of the many machines invented in the late nineteenth 
century,none had a great impact on the United States economy than
                       B        C                                                        D
 the automobile.
Key word:than the automobile
Pola comparative degree: adjective + more/er + than
Kata great hanya memiliki satu syllable jadi harus ditambahi er.

12.There is evidence that the caribou originated into North America
          A                                                                  B
 and crossed over al land bridge into Asia and evolved into the Old 
                       C                                                       D
World’s reindeer.
Key word:originated
Originated bermakna berasal,maka preposisi yang tepat adalah from bukan into( yang berarti kedalam).
13.A number of the Pacific islands are volcanoes that have pushed 
                   A                                                                                  B
up from the ocean floor,others are the tops sunken mountain ranges.
                                                                   C                                  D
Jawab:(C)tops sunken
Key word:mountain ranges
Pembahasan:Tops sunken➠tops of sunken
Pola noun phrase dengan post modifier:head(noun) + post modifier setiap noun phrase yang benar headnya harus noun,maka perlu adanya prepositional phrase sebagai post modifier of sunken mountain ranes.Sehingga bisa dikatakan tops tetap menjadi headnya dan of sunken mountain ranges sebagai post modifiernya.
14.Archeological studies have provided evidence that the use of 
                                                                          A                             B             C
plants for decoration as well as for food developed early in the 

Jawab:(D)the history
Key word:early
Pembahasan:The history➠history
Key word:early
Pembahasan:The history➠history
Determiner/definitte article the digunakan untuk menerangkan benda yang sudah  diketahui dengan pasti dan jelas.sedangkan kata history pada kalimat soal masih abstract dan belum dijelaskan.Maka yang benar seharusnya cukup history saja. 

15.Before pioneers cleared the land for farms,cities,and
 road,forests  covered about 40 percent of what is now the state of 
     B                    C                                        D
Key word:and
Kelas kata sebelum dan sesudah and harus setara.Singular noun road seharusnya mejadi plural noun roads sehingga sama dengan kata farms dan cities.

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