1.I have depositing this money in my checking account or else the check I just wrote will 
                       A                                    B         C                                                                    D
key word:have
pembahasan:seharusnya deposit.Have to+(verb in simple form)

2.We wish today was sunny so that we could spend the day in the country communing with 
                                  A                    B                     C                                     D
 jawab: (A) was                         
key word:wish
pembahasan:seharusnya were.Was tidak pernah digunakan setelah kata kerja wish.

3.Paul did so well in his speech today that he should have rehearsed it many times this past 
                     A                                               B                                                                                D  
jawab:(C)should have rehearsed
key word:bentuk past
pembahasan:seharusnya must have rehearsed.Past tense untuk modal.

4.Bess is used to fly after having-crossed the continent many times during the past decade.
                             A                       B                                                      C                                  D
jawab:(A)to fly
key word:be used to
pembahasan:seharusnya flying.
5.Our Spanish professor would like us spending more time in the laboratory practicing our
                                                                  A         B                                 C                            D

key word:would like
pembahasan:seharusnya to spend.Would like+(complement)+infinitive.

6.Sam used to living in Oklahoma,but his company had him transferred to a better position i
                             A                                B                                           C                                     D
in Georgia.

key word:used to
pembahasan:seharusnya live.Used to+(verb in simple form)

7.The bolder the matador’s display in the arena bacame,louder the audience expressed its a
                                    A                                 B            &nb
sp;                                                                   D

approval his presentation.

key word:The bolder
pembahasan:seharusnya the louder.General double comparative.

8.Hal’s new sports car costs much more than his friend Joel.
                          A              B             C                                  D
jawab:(D)his friend Joel
key word:Hal’s new sport car
pemnahasan:seharusnya his friend Joel’s,yang di bandingkan adalah Hal’s sport car dengan Joel’s sport car.

9.Max would rather to be fishing from his boat in the lake than sitting at his desk in the 
                                                A                      B                                   C                            D
jawab:(A)to be fishing
key word:would rather
pembahasan:seharusnya be fishing,would rather+(verb in simple form)

10.If a crisis would occur,those unfamiliar with the procedures would not know how to 
                                   A                       B                                                                                       C
handle the situation.
jawab:(A)would occur
key word:if
pembahasan:seharusnya should have talked,kewajiban yang tidak terpenuhi.

11.Standing among so many strangers,the frightened child began to sob uncontrollable.
           A               B                                                      C                                                  D
jawab:(D)to sob uncontrollable
key word:to sob
pembahasan:seharusnya uncontrollably,yang menjelaskan verb adalah adverb bukan adjective.

12.The teacher tried to make the classes enjoyable experiences for the students so they
                                    A                                                                                                          B
would take the greater interest in the subject.
                C                                          D

key word:menunjukkan result
pembahasan:seharusnya so that,use so that+result clause

13.Whenever the students asked for help or guicance,the counselor would advice them or re
                                                                  A                                                               B                          C
refer them to someone who will.
;                                   D

key word:would
pembahasan:seharusnya would,kesesuaian tense:would advise…………….would

14.Anybody who plans to attend the meeting ought send a short note to the chairperson.
                        A                         B                                     C                                      D
jawab:(C)ought send
key word:ought
pembahasan:seharusnya ought to send,ought+(verb in simple form)

15.The teachers and the administrations are having such difficult time agreeing on a 
                                                                                                          A                          B   
contract for the forthcoming year that the teachers may  go on strike.
              C                                                                                         D
jawab:(A)such difficult
key word:difficult(adjective)
pembahasan:seharusnya such a difficult time ,such+(a)+adjective+count noun tunggal.

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