1.There’s a new oriental restaurant in town,isn’t it?
                  A   B                                         C            D
jawab:(D)isn’t it
key word:there is
pembahasan:seharusnya isn’t there,subject kalimatnya adalah there.

2.The government has decided voting on the resolution now rather than next month.
                                 A                    B                        C                                 D
key word:decided
pembahasan:seharusnya to vote,decide adalah kata kerja yang diikuti to infinitive.

3.The professor is thinking to go to the conference on aerodynamics next month.
                               A                B                                                  C                                  D   
jawab:(B)to go
key word:thinking
pembahasan: seharusnya of going,think of atau think about bertemunya dengan v-ing.

4.His father does not approve of him to go to the banquet without dressing formally.
                          A                                       B                                             C                          D
jawab:(B)him to go
key word:approve of
pembahasan:seharusnya his going,subject gerund adalah possessive adjective.

5.Children enjoy telling and listening to ghosts stories,especially on Halloween night.
                                    A                 B                               C                                             D
jawab:(B)ghosts stories especially
key word:ghosts
pembahasan:seharusnya ghost,ghost adalah modifier sehingga tidak bisa dijamak.

6.At the rate the clerks were processing the applications;Harry figured that it will take four 
                                                             A                                                                                      B
hours his to be reviewed.
               C                 D                                           

jawab:(B)will take
key word:were
pembahasan:seharusnya would take,susunan yang benar adalah were………would take.

7.No one would have attended the lecture if you told the truth about the guest speaker.
                                            A                                              B             C                            D
key word:would have attended
pembahasan:seharusnya had told,conditional sentence tipe tiga.

8.We had better to review this chapter carefully because we will have some question on it on 
                                      A                                     B                                                   C                         D     
our testtomorrow
jawab:(A)to review
key word:had better
pembahasan:seharusnya review,had better+(verb in simple form)

9.The little boy’s mother bought him a five-speeds racing bicycle for his birthday.
       A                                                     B              C                                        D
jawab:(C)a five-speeds
key word:a five
pembahasan:seharusnya five-speed,five-speed penjelas bicycle.

10.Despite he time of year,yesterday’s temperature was enough hot to turn on the air 
               A                                      B                                                    C                    D
jawab:(C)enough hot
key word:hot
pembahasan:seharusnya hot enough,adjective+enough
11.The Andersons just had an enclosed bricks patio built after fighting off the insect for two 
                 A                     B                                       C                             D
jawab:(C)bricks patio
key word:patio
pembahasan:seharusnya brick,Brick adjective penjelas patio.

12.Danny spent such enjoyable vacation in Europe this summer that he plans to return

                                        A                                                                                 B                       C
soon as saves enough money.
jawab:(A)such enjoyable
key word:enjoyable
pembahasan:seharusnya such an enjoyable.Such+(a)+adjective+noun(noun plans.

13.Although the quantity was small,we had supplies enough to finish the experient.
            A                                   B                                                C                        D                                                   
jawab:(D)suplies enough
key word:enough
pembahasan:seharusnya enough suplies,enough+noun

14.Kurt had so interesting and creative plans that everyone wanted to work on his commitee.
                                 A                                       B                                       C                    D
jawab:(A)so interesting
key word:interseting
pembahasan:seharusnya such,Such+adjective+noun(noun plans)

15.If Rudy would have studied German in college,he would not have found the scientific 
                                                                               B                                                       C
terminology so difficult to understand.
jawab:(A)would have studied
key word:if
pembahasan:seharusnya has studied,Would tidak pernah hadir langsung setelah if.

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