1.Please give me a few coffee and some donuts if you have any left.
                   A                                           C                              D
jawab:(B)a few
key word:coffee
pembahasan:seharusnya a little,coffee adalah noun-countable noun.

2.There are ten childs playing in the yard near her house,but your child is not among them. 
          A                     B                                                                                    C                           D
key word: ten
pembahasan:seharusnya children,jamak dari child adalah children

3.People respected George Washington because he was a honest man,and he returned out 
        A                                                                    B                                 C
to beone of our greatest military leaders.

jawab:(C)a honest man
key word:honest
pembahasan:seharusnya an honest man,honest dibaca dengan huruf awal vocal.

4.He isn’t driving to the convention in March,and  neither they are.
                           A         B                                C                         D
jawab:(D)neither they are
key word:neither
pembahasan:seharusnya neither are they atau they aren’t either.

5.Catherine is studying law at the university,and so does John.
                                   A        B                C                           D
jawab:(D)so does John
key word:is
pembahasan: seharusnya so is John,aux yang digunakan kalimat adalah is.

6.The company has so little money that it can’t hardly operate anymore.
                                A     B                        C                     D
jawab:(D)can’t hardly
key word:can’t
pembahasan:seharusnya can hardly,double negatif.

7.My cousin attends an university in the Midwest which specializes in astronomy.
;    A                                        B                                                       C                    D

jawab:(B)an university
key word:university
pembahasan:seharusnya a university,university di baca dengan huruf awal consonan.

8.The students were interested in take a field trip to the national history museum,but they 
                                 A           B          C
were notable to raise enough money.
jawab:(C)in take
key word:in
pembahasan:seharusnya in taking,setelah preposisi verb harus di gerundkan.

9.Because they have moved away,they hardly never go to the beach anymore.
         A                       B                                         C                                 D
jawab:(C)hardly never
key word:hardly
pembahasan:seharusnya hardly every,double negative

10.Us students would rather not attend night class in the summer,but we often have to.
                                     B                                                                                    C                 D
jawab: (A)Us students
key word:us
pembahasan:seharusnya we,subject pronoun.

11.The policeman ordered the suspect to don’t remove his hands from the hood of the car.
                                                          A                           B                     C          D
jawab:(B)to don’t remove
key word:don’t
pembahasan:seharusnya not to remove,direct-indirect untuk perintah negative.

12.It was him who came running into the classroom with the news.
                      A     B                                        C                                D
key word:was
pembahasan:seharusnya he,setelah verb be harus menggunakan subject pronoun.

13.My brother doesn’t care how much does the car cost because he is going to buy it anyway.
             A                                                                     B     
C                   D

jawab:(B)does the car cost
key word:Mother doesn’t care
pembahasan:seharusnya the car costs,noun clouse itu berupa anak kalimat.Rumus:CONJ+S+V

14.Mary and her sister studied biology last year,and so does Jean.
                        A                   B                         C                             D
jawab:(D)so does Jean
key word:studied
pembahasan:seharusnya so did Jean,kalimatnya simple past sehingga aux yang harus digunakan adalah did.

15.Pete had already saw the musical before he read the reviews about it.
                             A                                         B            C                            D
jawab:(A)already saw
key word:had
pembahasan:seharusnya seen,past perfect menggunakan V3

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