1.Common salt accurs naturally in pure,solidly form as the mineral 
         A                                                                 B     
halite and in widely distributed deposits of rock,or mineral,salts.
            C                                                  D
Jawab: (B)solidly
Key word:form
Pola noun phrase:modifire (adjective) + head(noun)

2.The term”metablism” refers to the chemical changes which by
                                                 A                                                      B

living things transform food into energy.
               C                                    D
Jawab:(B)which by
Key word:the chemical changes
Pembahasan:which by ➠which are
relative pronoun which untuk benda,karena bendanya jamak maka diperlukan be ‘are’,maka yang benar seharusnya which are.

3.Material that of cly are among the most ancient manufactured 
                      A                                                                  B
articles and have played a vital role in human civilization.
     C                                                  D
Jawab:(A)that of
Key word:Material;cly are
Pembahasan:That of➠made of
Penggunaan ‘that of’ tidak tepat karena sebenarnya predikat adjective clause pada induk kalimat tersebut pasif.Maka diperlukan past participle’made of ‘ yang artinya terbuat dari.
4.Yogurt containts a higher percentage of lactic acid than another  
                      A          B                                                            C
fermented milks,and it is rich in B-complex vitamins. 
Key word:Yogurt ;fermented milks
Pembahasan:another➠the other .Penggunaan another tidak tepat karena kata benda yang ditunjukkan sudah diketahui dengan jelas(fermented milk).Maka yang benar seharusnya the other.

5.Canada is made up of ten provinces and two territories,with
                    A                                                                                      B                                                                                                                 
 governmental powers being divided between the federal 
government or the province.
Jawab :(D)or
Key word:between
Pembahasan:or➠and ‘or’ tidak bisa digunakan dengan between.Bedween lebih tepat digunakan dengan and. 

6.Before the formation of labor unions,individual workers had 

almost not voice in determining their wages,hours,or working  
              B                                             C
Key word:had almost
Pembahasan:not➠no had-not bermakna belum ,had-no bermakna tidak memiliki .Kalimat di atas bermakna para pekerja individu tidak memiliki suara bukan bermakna para pekerja belum punya suara. 
7.In the united states,the leading butter-producing states which are
    A                                            B                                                 C
 Wisconsin,California,and Minnesota.
Jawab:(C)states which
Key word:are Wisconsin,California, and minnesota 
Pembahasan:states which➠states be ‘are’ sebagai predicate subject ‘the leading butter-producing states’ tidak perlu didahului relative conjunction ‘which’.maka ‘which’ harus dihilangkan.

8.Each stanza of a poem has a repeatable pattern of meter and 
                                 A                                                                     B
rhyme and is normallly division from the following stanza by a 
                                                     C                                                      D
blank line. 
Key word:normally
Penggunaan devition tidak tepat,karena adverb normally seharusnya menjelaskan kata kerja bukan kata benda.Maka yang tepat seharusnya divided.

9.Depending on many factors,including climate,mineral content of 
         A                  B
the soil,and the permanency of surface water,wetlands may be 
mossy ,grassy,or covering with shrubs or.
Key word:mossy,grassy
Pembahasan:Jenis kata sebelum dan sesudah konjungsi ‘or’ harus setara .maka yang benar seharusnya covery.

10.In many areas of the world,people need cloting for protection  
     A                              B                              C                                   D
the weather.
Key word:for
kata protection setelah pre[osisi for tidak tepat,yang tepat seharusnya protecting karena menjelaskan fungsi dari cloting (berpakaian).

11.Hoover Dam in Nevada is a multipurpose structure that provides                                                                                                                                          A
flood control,hydroelectric powerful, and drinking and irrigation  
                                                             B               C

Key word:hydroelectric
Pola noun phrase : modifier(adjective) + head(noun).Jadi adjective powerful diganti noun power. 

12.Physiologically,the period of adolescence is marked by active 
growth,especially in the skeletal and muscular sistems and in 
                           B                                                                  C
 a certain vascular tissues.
Jawab:(D)a certain
Key word: vascular tissues
Pembahasan:a certain➠certain
Indefinite article/determiner a tidak tidak dibutuhkan karena kata kerja yang ssebutkan adalah jamak.

13.Free nitrogen is chemically inert and combines with other  
                                                                               A                      B
elements only since very high temperatures or pressures.
                                C                               D
Key word:very high temperatures
Preposisi cince tidak tepat karena kalimat tersebut tidak menerangkan sebab- akibat tapi menerangkan tujuan.Maka preposisi yang tepat untuk menerangkan tujuan adalah for. 

14.Sawfish are sharklike fish have“saw”of cartilage set with two 
                                                        A                     B
rows of teeth on their snouts.
                C           D
Key word:sharklike fish
Pembahasan:Have ➠which have
Penggunaan have pada kalimat soal tidak tepat karena sudah ada predicate are.Yang tepat seharusnya menggunakan relative pronoun which have.

15.The decade of the 1920’s was significant in Georgia’s history  
 because of the rapidity with what agriculture declined in the state.
         B                                             C                               D
Key word:agriculture decline
Pembahasan:what➠what was
pola passive voice:be + V3 


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