1.Sociologists have long recognized that social tension……….
   a.elements from group living
   b.elements of a normal group life are a group of elements
   d.are normal elements of group life
Jawab:(D)are normal elements of group life
Key word:that social tension
Pembahasan:Sub clause pada kalimat tersebut adalah noun clause berposisi sebagai object yang berasal sebuah pernyataan.
2………..have a fery keen sence of hearing,although most do not hear sounds audible to the human ear.
   a.While some insects do
   b.Some insects which
   c.Some insect
   d.That some insects
Jawab:(C)some insect
Key word:have
Pembahasan:pola simple present:Subject + V1
Predicate have pada kalimat rumpang pada soal memerlukan plural subject
3.Athough both political parties wanted Dwight D.Eisenhower as their presidential nomenee in 1952,he became a Republican candidate and………
   a.President was electing
   b.was elected President elect the presiden
   d.being elected President
Jawab:(B)was elected President
Key word:and
Pembahasan:Structure unit sebelum dan sesudah konjungsi dan harus setara.Subject dalam sub clause kalimat tersebut adalah he dan setelah itu diikuti verb (became)maka debgan subject(he)yang sama setelah kata dan seharusnya juga verb(was).Sehingga pilihan yang tepat adalah was elected president.
4.If an act is rewarded many times,immediately and with strong reinforces,it will rapidly become……..
   a.a habit
   b.into a habit
   c.that which a habit
   d.a habit can be
Jawab:(A)a habit
Key word:became
Pembahasan:kata setelah become hanya memerlukan object saja.Object yang tepat untuk kalimat rumpang tersebut adalah noun phrase a habit.
5.Giant pandas resemble bears in shape and and in…….. is a slow,clumsy way to walk
   b.the slow,clumsy way they walk
   c.they walk in a slow,clumsy
   d.their slow walk is clumsy 
Jawab:(B)the slow,clumsy way they walk
Key word:in shape and
Pembahasan:Structure unit sebelum dan sesudah konjungsi dan harus setara.Pada kalimat rumpag tersebut sebelum and adalah prepositional phrase maka setelahnya juga harus prepositinal phrase(in the slow)
6………….temperature at which air holds as much water vapor as it can is called the dew point. is the the
   c.As the
key word:temperature
Pembahasan:kalimat rumpang tersebut hanya membutuhkan definite article the saja untuk subject(temperature) yang sudah diketahui dengan pasti dan jelas
7.The earring is one of the oldest known ornaments and………..pieces of stone,bone,or shell.
  a.was from originally from
  b.was made originally from
  c.originally made was from
  d.from originally made was
Jawab:(B)was made originally from
key word: the earring;and
pembahasan:structure unit sebelum dan sesudah konjungsi and harus setara.Pada kalimat rumpang tersebut dengan subject yang sama(the earring)sebelum and adalah linking verb(is)maka setelahnya juga harus linking verb was.
8.No one knows exactly………. did speech begin speech begin the beginining of speech
  d.of how beginning speech
Jawab:(B)how speech began
key word:no one knows
pembahasan:pola noun clause:Conjunction + S + verb
kalimat rumpang pada soal membutuhkan object yang berupa noun clause.
9…………mechanical device has ever been invented that can satisfactorily replace teasel flower heads for raising the nap on cloth.
  b.Not the
  c.Never has a
  d.There is no
key word :mechanical
Pembahasan:kalimat rumpang di atas memerlukan sebuah determiner,determiner yang tepat adalah No.
10.Even as a girl,……….to be her life,and theater audiences were to be her best teachers.
  a.Performances by Fanny Brice were was known that fanny Brice’s performances were
  c.audiences knew that Fanny Brice’s performances were
  d.Fanny Brice knew that performing was
Jawab:(D)Fanny Brice knew that performing was
Key word:Even as a girl
Pembahasan:Kalimat rumpang pada soal membutuhkan subject dan predicate,even as a girl bukanlah subject akan tetapi appositive.Maka pilihan subject dan predicate yang tepat adalah Fanny Brice knew that performing was. 

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