TRIK JITU MENGERJAKAN Test of written english(TWE) TOEFL

Bagian ini dikhususkan untuk mengtahui kemampuan peserta test dalam melakukan tulis-menulis dalam bahasa inggris.Dalam uji ini,peserta test diberikan satu topik atau tema tertentu dan selanjutnya diminta untuk menulis ide mengenai tema tersebut.Namun tidak semua test TOEFL mengujikan TWE ,bhwa sedikit banyak yang memasukkan sebagai salah satu materi pengujian Skor TWE diberikan secara terpisah dari skor TOEFL secara keseluruhan.Skala penilaiannya bberkisar antara 1-6 Berikut strategi untuk test of written english dalam TOEFL.

QUESTION: Some people prefer to spend most of their time alone.Others like to be with friends most of the time.Do you prefer to spend your time alone or with friends?Use specific reasons to support your answer.

If I had to choose between spending time alone or spending time with my friends, I’d rather be alone.I need this time alone to recharge my batteries,”to-re-energize my mind and spirit.Being with friends can be fun and can help you get through the rough spots in life,but it’s the time alone,I think,that forms you as a person.When I am alone,I have time to think about my goals and to develop a strategy to reach them.Of course,lean think about these things when I’m with others,but it’s harder to concentrate in a crowd.Being alone gives me the quiet time to really think about my life and what I want to do with it.Being by my self is also a good way to listen to the silence and relax completely.When I’m alone I can practice medication and lower my stress level.That’s a very good way to sharpen my powers of concentration.Too  much time with friend means filling my mind with a lot of chitchat.That’s enjoyable for a moment,but can dull my concentration.Being with other people can also  distort my view of things.It’s easy sometimes to become too worried about what other people think of me,or what other people have that I  don’t.When I’m alone I have time to step back.I can see the real value of things,without being influenced by the opinions of my friends.It’s natural to want to be with other people,but I find the time I spend alone is more valuable to me in the long run.

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