1.The attorney told his client that………
a.they had little chance of winning the case
b.the case was of a small change to win was nearly impossible to win him the case
d.the case had a minimum chance to be won by him
pembahasan:Choice (B)includes improper word choice and order.(C) is incorrect because it is not possible to say”win him the case,”Correct form is”win the case for him .”(D)is incorrect because minimum is a noun and cannot modify another noun(chance);it is not clear to whom him refers,and the arder is not corect.
2.One of the professor’s geatest attributes is…….
a.when he gives lectures in the manner that he lectures
c.the way to give lectures
d.his ability to lecture
pembahasan:Choice(A) and(B) are in error because it is not correct to say”an attribute is when“or”an attribute is is how“;an attribute is a static quality.Choice(C)would be correct correct if it were”the way he gives lectures.”
3.The bank sent a notice to its customers which contained………..
a.a remembrance that interest rates were to raise the following month
b.a reminder that a raise in interest rates were to raise the following month remember that the interest rates were going up next month
d.a reminder that the interest rates would rise the following month
pembahasan:Choice(A) uses incorrect vocabulary choice.Remembrance has a sentimental meaning;it should be reminder.Also,the verb rise,not raise should be used.(B)should read the following month,not the month following.(The adjective precedes the noun).Also,rise,not raise,is required.(C)is incorrect because the verb contained must be followed by a noun,not a verb.
4……..was the day before yesterday.
a.The France’s Independence Day
b.The day of the French independence
c.French’s Independence Day
d.French’s Independence Day
pembahasan:Choice(A)incorrectly uses the before a singular country name.(B)uses improper word order and also uses the the incorrectly.(C)is in error because french when used as an adjective cannot be made possessive.
5.It  was not until she had arrived home………..remembered her appointment with the doctor.
a.when she
b.that she
c.and she
pembahasan:The expresion should read,”It was not until.……..that“To use when(choice A)is redundant.
6.George would certainly have attended the proceedings………..
a.if he didn’t get a flat tire
b.if the flat tire hadn’t happened
c.had he not had a flat tire
d.had the tire not flattened itself
pembahasan:In choice(A)there is improper use of the past conditional.(B)includes improper vocabulary choice.A flat tire does not happen.(D)makes improper use of the reflexive itself.A tire,being inanimate,could not flatten itself.
7………..received law degrees as today.
a.Never so many woman have
b.Never have so many women
c.The women aren’t ever
d.Women who have never
pembahasan:The correct structure is adverbial(never)+auxiliary(have)+subject(so many woman)+verb(received).
8.The students liked that professor’s course because……….
a.There was few if any homework
b.not a lot of homework
c.Of there wasn’t a great amount of homework
d.There was little or no homework
pembahasan:Choice(A)is incorrect because homework is a non-count noun and few cannot be used with non-count nouns.(B)is incorrect because a complete sentence is required after because.Choice(C)is verbose.Also,because of cannot be followed by a complete sentence.
9.George………..he could improve his test scores,but he did not have enough time to study.
a.knew to
b.knew how
c.knew how that
d.knew how to
pembahasan:Know how in this sentence means”to have a practical understanding of something.”It is not correct to use to after know how unless it is followed by a verb.
10………..he would have come to class.
a.If Mike is able to Finish his homework
b.Would Mike be able to finish his homework
c.If mike could finifh his homework
d.If mike had been able to finish his homework
pembahasan:Choices (A),(B),and(C)are all incorrect past conditions.
11.Lee contributed fifty dollars,but he wishes he could contribute……… other fifty dollars
b.the same amount also
c.another fifty
d.more fifty dollars
pembahasan:Choice (A)includes improper word choice.One other should be another.Choice(B)uses also.Also does not mean the same as again,which is the meaning conveyed by the sentence.(D)uses incorrect word order.It should say fifty dollars more.
12.The people at the party were worried about Janet because no one was aware……….she had gone.
a.where that
b.of where
c.of the place where
d.the place
pembahasan:Choices(A) and(D)are incorrect because the the adjective aware must be followed by of before a noun or noun phrase.Choice(C)uses of,but the place where is redundant.
13.Fred’s yearly income since he changed professions has……..
a.nearly tripled almost three times bigger
c.almost grown by three times
d.just about gone up three times
pembahasan:Choices(B),(C),and(D)are all too informal for written English and are verbose
14.Nancy hasn’t begun working on her Ph.D………working on her master’s.
a.still because she is yet
b.yet as a result she is still
c.yet because she is still
d.still while she is already
pembahasan:Still,yet,and already are misused in the other answer choices.
15.The director of this organization must know……. management,selling,and able to satisfy the stockholders to manage money,selling his product,and be able to satisfy stockholders to manage money,sell his product,and satisfy stockholders management,selling,the idea of being able to satisfy the stockholders.
pembahasan:Choices(A)and (D)omit the word how,which must follow know before a verb.Only choice(C)uses parallel construction(how to manage……sell………satisfy)


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