In Parts c,you will hear several talks.After each talk,you will be asked some questions.The talks and quesstionss will be spoken just one time.They will not be written out for you,so you will have to listen carefully in order to understand and remember what the speaker says.
    When you hear a question,read the four possible answers in your test book and decide which one would be the best answers to the question you have heard.Then,on your answer sheet,find the number of the problem and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

  Mr.Davis,I’ve just finished reading your x-rays,and I would like to discuss them with you.You have osteoarthritis in the middle of your back and scoliosis,which is a curvature of the spine.I can also feel the muscle spasms and pinched nerves from your shoulders to the base of your spine.While this may sound terrible to you,it is not lie-threatening,nor is it something to worry about.At preset,there is no cure for these problems,but you can control them with proper treatment.First of all, we need  on to adjust your diet a little.The nurse will provide you with information on some foods to avoid completely and others whose consumption should be restricted.Here is an explanation of some back exercises that you can  do.They will help to stretch and strengthen the muscles and to relieve the pain.Use a heating pad and an ice pack to alleviate soreness in the joints.I’m going to prescribe some muscle relaxers and pain kilers.Take them as indicated.In about six weeks we’ll see how you are progressing and then begin some chiropractic treatment.I’d like to see you again in three weeks.Please have the nurse make an appointment for then.

1.What is the purpose of this talk?
a.To plan a special diet for the patient to lose weight.
b.To show someone how to read an x-ray.
c.To get the patient to join an exercise class.
d.To inform the patient about how to deal with his illness
2.What did the speaker do before talking with Mr.Davis?
a.She talked with a chiropractor
b.She read the x-rays
c.Shedid soe back stretching exercises.
d.She took some pain likkers.
3.According to the speaker,what is scoliosis?
b.Curvature of the spine
c.Pinched nerves
d.Muscle spasms.
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