Bagian ini dikhususkan untuk mengetahui kemampuan peserta tes dalam melakukan tulis- menulis dal am bahasa inggris .Dalam uji ini,peserta tes di berikan satu topik atau tema tertentu dan selanjutnya diminta untuk menulis ide mengenai tema tersebut ,namun tidak semua tes TOEFL menguji TWE,bahkan hanya sedikit yang memasukkannya sebagai salah satu materi pengujian.Skor TWE diberikan secara terpisah dari skor TOEFL secara keseluruhan.Skala penilaiannya berkisar antara 1-6.

When people move to another country,some of them decide to follow the customes of the new country.Others prefer to keep their own customs.Compare these two choices.Which one do you prefer?Support your answer with specific details.

Nowadays it is quite common for people to immigrate to the countries.When they move,some of them decide to follow the customs of the new country while others prefer to keep their own.If I were forced to agree with one of the two positions,my choice would be the former.
To illustrate my point,let us first take a look on why some people dislike the idea of following the customs of the new country.For one thing,these people are so accustomed to their own culture,religion and customs,and it is very hard for them to accept the new cultures.For instance,people from an Islamic country may find a lot of customs in western countries offensive.Although I agree that some customs are hard to change, I insist that the advantages of adapting to a new culture are apparently seen.In the first place,by following the customs of the new country,you can learn about the country and understand the people who stick to their way of life may sometimes feel lonely and isolated.To share the same custom means that having more things in common and it can pull people together.Furthermore,you have to adapt to some cuatoms of the new country,if they are written into the law.As a result,it is much more sensible to do as the Roman do.In conclusion,I believe that the advantage of following the customs of the new country is obvious because you can easily learn about the country and be a real member of it.What is more,you can live more easily in a foreign country.