Joyce Carol Oates published her first collection of short
              stories.By the Gate,in 1963,two years after she had 
              received her master’s degree from the University of 
              Wisconsin and become an instructor of English at the
line        University  of Detroit.Her productivity since then has been
(5)         prodigious,accumulating in less than two decades to nearly
              thirty titles,including novel,collections of short stories and 
              verse,plays,and literary criticism.In the meantime,she has 
              continued to teach ,moving in 1967 from the University of 
              Detroit to the University of Windsor,in ontario,and,in 
              1978, to princeton University.Reviewers have admired her 
              enormous energy,but find a productivity of such magnitude
              difficult to assess.
(10)              In a period characterized by the abandonment of so
               much of the realistic tradition by authors such as John 
               Barth,Donald Barthelme,and Thomas pynchon,joyce 
               Carol Oates has seemed at times determinedly old-
               fashioned in her insistence on the essentially mimetic 
               quality of her fiction.Hers is a world of violence,insanity,
               fractured love,and hopeless loneliness.Although some of 
(15)        it appears to come from her own direct observations,her 
               dreams,and her fears,much more is clearly from the 
               experiences of others.Her first novel,With Shuddering Fall
               (1964),dealt with stock car racing,though she had never 
                seen a race.In them(1969)she focused on Detroit from
                the Depression through the notes of 1967,drawing much
                of her material from the deep impression made on her by
                problems of one of her students.Whatever the source and
(20)         however shocking the events or the motivations,however,
                her fictive world remains strikingly akin to that real one
                reflected in the daily newspapers,the television news and
                talk shows,and the popular magazines of our day.

1.What is the main purpose of the passage?
    a.To review Oates’s By the North Gate
    b.To compare some modern writers
    c.To describe Oates’s chilhood
    d.To outline Oates’s career
 Jawab:(D)To outline Oates’s career
  Key word:Joyce Carol Oates published her first collection of short stories
Pembahasan:paragraph dibuka dengan kalimat awal tentang karya pertama Oates, yang berlanjut ke pembahasan karya-karya dia berikutnya
2.Which of the following does the passage indicate about Joyce Carol qate’s first publication?
     a.It was part of her master’s thesis
     b.It was a volume of short fiction
     c.It was not successful
     d.It was about an English instructor in Detroit
Jawab:(B)It was a volume of short fiction
Key word:first collection of short stories
Pembahasan:karya pertama yang diterbitkan Oates adalah sejumlah cerita pendek
3.Which of the following does the passage suggest about Joyce Carol Oates in terms of her writing career?
    a.She has experienced long nonproductive periods in her writing
    b.Her style is imitative of other contemporary authors
    c.She has produced a surprising amount of fictions in a relative
       short time
    d.Most of her work is based on personal experience
Jawab:(C)She has produced a surprising amount of fictions in a relative short time
Key word:Her productivity since then has been prodigious
Pembahasan:productivitasnya setelah karya pertama,semakin luar biasa sehingga dalam
waktu kurang dari dua puluh tahun telah menerbitkan hampir 30 judul karya

4.The word”characterized”in line 10 can best replaced by which of the following?
Key word:digolongkan
5.What was the subject of Joyce Carol Oates’s first novel?
Key word:car racing
Pembahasan:Novel pertamanya yang  berjudul with shuddering Fall
(1964) bertemakan balap mobil
6.Why does the author mention Oates’s book then? is a typical novel of the 1960’s
     b.It is her best piece of nonfiction
     c.It is a fictional work based on the experiences of another 
     d.It is an autobiography
Jawab:(C)It is a fictional work based on the experiences of another person
Key word:made by her from the problems of one of her students
Pembahasan:Karya Oates menarik banyak bahannya dari kesan yang mendalam atas masalah dari salah satu murudnya
7.Which of the following would Joyce Carol Oates be most likely to write?
     a.A story with an unhappy ending
     b.A romancer novel set in the nineteenth century
     c.A science fiction novel
     d.A dialogue for a talk show
Jawab:(A)A story with an unhappy ending
Key word: fractured love,and hopeless loneliness
Pembahasan:cerita-cerita Oates berupa dunia yang penuh kekerasan,kegilaan,patah hati kesepian dan putus asa

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