1.Woman:George and Jeff were not at the meeting.

   Man:They would have come if they had known about,it
   Third Voice:What does the man say about George and Jeff?
   a.Although they knew there was going to be a meeting,they didn’t come.
   b.They didn’t want to attend the meeting,but they did anyway.
   c.They didn’t know about the meeting.
   d.They didn’t let anybody know about the meeting,so no body attended.
2.Woman:Are the test result posted yet?
   Man:Yes.Most of the students scored eighty percent and above,but Michael is the exception.
   Third voice:What does the man imply about about Michael?
   a.He made the best grade in his class
   b.He is an exceptionally good student
   c.His classmates made good grades,but he didn’t
   d.He is one of the better students in his class.
3.Man:Have they found out who took the answer sheets?
   Whoman:The humanities professor asked the dean to question several students
   Third voice:What does the woman mean?
   a.The dean was asked to question several students
   b.The humanities professor questioned several students
   c.The humanities professor was able to answer the students’ questions
   d.The humanities professor has asked  the dean a question about some students
4.Man:I’m afraid I’ll have to work late again tommorow night.
   Woman:Why don’t you ask for some extra help?
   Third voice:What does the woman suggest the man do?
   a.Refuse to work
   b.Leave early
   cRequest to work overtime
   d.Ask for assistance
5.Man:If Henry hadn’t had so much work to do,he would have come to the concert with us.
   Woman:It’s too bad he missed such a great show.
   Third voice:What do the speakers say about Henry?
   a.He went to the concert because he didn’t want to work.
   b.He didn’t go to the concert because he had too much work to do.
   c.Although he had a lot of work to do,he went to the concert.
   d.He never goes to a concert if he has work to do.
6.Man:Did James return the books to the library?
   Woman:No,he had them renewed.
   Third voive:What does the woman say about James?
   a.He lost the library’s new books.
   b.He is going to the new library to look for some books
   c.He may keep the library books longer
   d.He had to pay a late fee for the books
7.Man:Has Harry stopped smoking yet?
   Woman:He is afraid he he’ll gain weight.
   Third voice:What do the speakers say about Harry?
   a.He is afraid to start smoking because of the hazardous effects.
   b.He is afraid he’ll become fat if he stops smoking.
   c.He is afraid that he will become more nervous if he stops smoking.
   d.He doesn’t realize the possible dangers of smoking. 
8.Man:Does Jonathan spend much time studying?
   Woman:He hasn’t studied in weeks,but he’ll do well.
    Third voice:What does the woman imply about Jonathan?
    a.He studies regularly,but his grades are suffering.
    b.He is so lazy that he never gets good grades
    c.He hasn’t studied lately but will likely get good grades
    d.He probably will not pass because he hasn’t studied
9.Man:How was your meal at the banquet?
   Woman:My meat was so tough I could hardly cut it.
    Third voice:What does the man say about his experience at the banqued?
    a.His meat wasn’t tender.
    b.The speaker did not have a good character.
    c.It was difficult to meet new people in the crowd.
    d.The meeting was cut short.
10.Woman:Where could Rick be?
     Man:He must have forgotten about our meeting
     Third voice: What does the woman say about Rick?
     a.He never forgets when he has a meeting
     b.It seems that he forget about their meeting
     c.He should have canceled the meeting
     d.He has to come to the meeting
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