1.The pilgrims twice encircle the tomb two times in solemn procession.
      A                                    B                               C                             D
PEMBAHASAN:“two times”means the same as”twice,”so it is redundant.

2.The Bactrian,nor Asian camel,can be identified by its two humps.
                              A                               B              C              D
PEMBAHASAN:Nor is used for negative sentences.”Or”is correct,because”Asian camel”is another name for the “Bactrian.”

3.First European settlers of Austrilia left the city of Portsmouth in May 1787.
                                B                               C                                            D
PEMBAHASAN:The word”first”is used as an adjective to indicate an ordinal number,so the article”the”is needed.

4.Scurvy,caused by the lack of vitamin C,could kill the most of a ship’s crew on a long voyage.
                       A                    B                                                    C                                                          D
PEMBAHASAN:‘The most”is a superlative form,but a comparison is not being made.”Most,”meaning”the majority,”should be used.

5.The term“Punchinello”refer to a clown in Italian puppet shows.
              A                               B                         C                          D
PEMBAHASAN:The verb”refer”is in plural form and does not agree with the singular subject”the term.”The correct form is”refers.”

6.Symptoms of multiple sclerosis may be eased by injecting a solution consisted of snake 
           A                                                            B                                 C                         D
PEMBAHASAN:The solution censists of venom.Therefore,the active form of the adjective phrase”consisting of snake venom”should be used.

7.The rupture o the Mareb Dam in ancient Yemen brought it about the collapse of many small 
                  A                                                                              B              C                   D

PEMBAHASAN:“Brought about”is a phrasal verb that take an object.”collapse”is in the object position,so the object”it”is incorrect.

8.The tiger’s cunning,strength,and agile have earned it a legendary reputation.
                                                                    A                  B      C            D
PEMBAHASAN:“Agile”is an adjective.”Agility”is the noun form that shound be used to be parallel wih the nouns”cunning”and”strength.”
9.Uranus is the alone planet in the solar system which is tipped on its side.
                            A                    B                                 C                            D
PEMBAHASAN:“Alone” cannot  be used before a noun.”Only”is the correct word to use in this position.

10.Most critics agree that William Shakespeare was the greater writer in the English language.
         A                             B                                                                 C                 D
PEMBAHASAN:The superlative form”greatest”should be used because shakespeare is being compared to all writers in the English language.

reference:canbridge preparation for the toefl test.
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