Kisi-kisi Soal Tes TOEFL Structure And Written Expression tahun 2018 Terbaru

Kisi-kisi Soal Tes Toefl Structure And Written Expression tahun 2018 TerbaruKalau beberapa hari yang lalu kami sudah berbagi contoh soal tes Toefl Error Recognition tahun 2018 beserta kunci jawabannya maka dikesempatan yang baik ini kami juga berbagi soal tes Toefl Structure And Written Expression yang tidak kalah pentingnya yang pasti keluar di dalam ujian Toefl.
Di sini selain ada soal Toefl Structure And Written Expression kami juga melengkapinya dengan kunci jawaban yang paling tepat sehingga Anda bisa mencocokkan dengan jawaban Anda sendiri.

Soal Toefl Structure And Written Expression

Choose the correct answer
1. I hope you don’t mind _______ sitting here.
A. my 
B. I had been
C. to be
D. that I may
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2. On no account _______ call her at the office.
A. you
B. should you
C. that you may 
D. to
3. Things would go a lot more smoothly if you _______ keep interrupting.
A. _________
B. do
C. didn’t 
D. will
4. We’ll get you a car once you _______ your driving test.
A. are passing
B. are having passed
C. have passed 
D. might pass
5. She _______ forever practising on that out-of-tune trumpet.
A. is 
B. was being
C. has been
D. will have
6. Please tell me when to stop _______.
A. downpour
B. to have poured
C. pouring 
D. pour
7. I regret to inform you that your application _______ unsuccessful on this occasion.
A. has been  
B. to be
C. should have been
D. is being
8. The number of girls in school and women in parliaments has risen, and their overall access to contraception has improved in the past decade, _____ new report.
A. published in a
B. according a
C. according to a 
D. as stated in a
9. The 2000 Census showed that married couples _____ half of the 2 million households in the state, and 46 percent of those couples had children living with them.
A. which they made up
B. and made up
C. to make up
D. made up 
10. By far the most noticeable blemishes on the surface of the Sun _____ sunspots.
A. are 
B. the
C. that are
D. in the

Kunci Jawaban Soal Toefl Structure And Written Expression

1. A. my
2. C. that you may
3. C. didn’t
4. C. have passed
5. A. is
6. C. pouring
7. A. has been
8. C. according to a
9. D. made up
10. A. are