1.(M): Weren’t you going to find out from the registrar if you have 
            enough credits to graduate next semester?
    (W): You’re right.I’d better get over there.Their hours are limited 
             and they can get pretty busy.
    Q: What will the woman probably do?
     a.Register for fewer courses next semester
     b.Go to the register’s office soon
     c.Call the register’s office later
     d.Apply for a job at the registrar’s office
     Jawab:(B)Go to the registras’s office soon
     Key word:I’d better get over there
     Pembahasan:si wanita akan pergi ke fakultas karena jadwal mereka terbatas dan sibuk.
2.(M): I’m shocked that you managed to get an A on the test.You 
           didn’t even read the textbook
   (W): Now you know why I never missed a lecture
   Q: What does the woman imply?
    a.The man would get better grades if he studied more
    b.The test was based on lecture material
    c.She misplaced her texbook
    d.The test was harder than she thought it would be
    Jawab:(B) The test was based on lecture material
    Key word:I never missed a lectur
    Pembahasan: si wanita tidak pernah melewatkan kuliah sehingga ia mendapatkan nilai a      untuk tesnya.Ini menunjukkan bahwa bahan ujian ada pada materi kuliah. 
3.(M): That’s an awfully heavy sweater for a day like today
   (W):Well,I’m going to be at a lecture in the auditorium most of
            this morning.and you know what the air conditioning is like
            in there.
   Q: What does the man imply?
    a.No one will be able to see what he is wearing.
    b.He will probably need to take the sweater off.
    c.He expects the weather to change later in the day.
    d.It will be cool in the lecture hall.
    Jawab:(D) It will be cool in the lecture hall
    Key word:you know what the air conditioning is like in there
    Pembahasan:Si pria akan mengikuti kuliah di auditorium di mana
    di sana akan ada AC yang dingin.
4.(W): I tkink I’ll get one of those new sweat shirts.You know with
           the school’s emblem on both the front and the back.
   (M): You may regret it.They’re expensive and I’ve heard the 
           printing really fades when you wash them.
      Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?
       a.Reconsider her decision
       b.Save for something more important
       c.Buy a large size to allow for shrinkage during washing
       d.Take her sweatshirt to the dry cleaners.
       Jawab:(A)Reconsider her decision
       Key word:You may regret it
       Pembahasan:si pria menyarankan si wanita untuk tidak meneruskan
       rencana membeli kaos baru,karena selain harganya mahal,cetakannya memudar ketika           dicuci.
5.(W): The concert set a record for attendance
   (M): I understand there wasn’t an empty seat in the house.
      Q:What can be inferred about the concert?
SOAL-SOAL TOEFL       a.It ran much longer than expected.
       b.It was broadcast on television
       c.Tickets for it were rather expensive
       d.Many people went to hear it
       Jawab:(D)Many people went to hear it
       Key word:The concert set a record for attendance
       Pembahasan:koner tersebut mencetak rekor atas                      kehadiran pengunjung.Ini menunjukkan banyak orang              yang pergi mendengarkan konser tersebut.
6.(W): I really like those abstract paintings we saw in our history 
           today.What did you think?
   (M): I guess it’s something I haven’t acquired a taste for it yet
   Q: What does the man mean?
    a.He doesn’t enjoy his art history course
    b.He would like to own
one of the painting

    c.He did not like the paintings
    d.He hasn’t seen the paintings yet
    Jawab:(C)He did not like the paintings
    Key word:I haven’t acquired a taste for it yet
    Pembahasan:si pria tidak menyukai lukisan yang diceritakan si wanita.

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