1.(M): Do you mind if I take off my jacket?
   (W): Of course not,make yourself at home.
      Q: What does the woman mean?
       a.The man should not take off his jacket.
       b.The man should get comfortable.
       c.It’s time for the man to go home
       d.She likes the man’s jacket.
Jawab:(B)The man should get comfortable.
Key word:Make yourself at home
Pembahasan:Si Wanita menyuruh si pria untuk menganggap
seperti berada di rumah sendiri agar merasa nyaman.
2.(M): I have to fill out these forms.They are due at the financial 
            aid office by tomorrow afternoon.
  (W): You’re just complaining about how broke you are.If I were 
           you,I’d make that my first priority.
     Q: What does the woman mean?
      a.She will lend the man some money.
      b.The man can send in the forms next week.
      c.The man should finish the forms now.
      d.She doesn’t like filling out financial aid forms.
Jawab:(C)The man should finish the forms now.
Key word:I’d make that my first priority
Pembahasan:Si wanita menyarankan si pria untuk memprioritaskan formulir yang harus diisi tersebut.
3. (W): My hand still hurts from falling on the ice yesterday.I 
             wonder if I broke something.
     (M): I’m no doctor,but it’s not black and blue or anything.
              Maybe you just need to rest it for a few days
        Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?
         a.Put ice on her hand.
         b.See a doctor in a few days.
         c.Avoid using her hand for a while.
         d.Clear the ice off the sidewalk.
Jawab:(C) Avoid using her hand for a while.
Key word:Need to rest it
Pembahasan:Si pria menyarankan agar si wanita mengistirahatkan
tangannya dalam beberapa hari.
4.( W): Excuse me;do you have any apartments available for under
             $500 a month?I need to move in next week when my new
             job starts.
    (M): The only vacant one I have is $600.Have you inquired at 
             the apartment complex down the street?
       Q:  What does the man suggest the woman do?
        a.Check for an appropriate apartment at another building.
        b.Rent the $600 apartment temporarily
        c.Share an apartment with someone.
        d.Wait until there is a cheaper apartment available.
Jawab:(A)Check for an appropriate apartment at another building.
Key word:The apartment complex down the street
Pembahasan:Si pria menyarankan si wanita untuk mencari apartemen di tempat lain
5.(W): You know,Sally was supposed to meet us here an hour ago.
            Maybe we should give her a ring.After all,she is the one 
            who organized the study session.
   (M): You’re right,I’ll do it.
soal-soal toefl      Q: What will the man probably do?
       a.Go to Sally’s room
       b.Call Sally
       c.Talk to Sally’s friends.
       d.Start studying without Sally.
Jawab:(B)Call Sally
Key word:I’ll do it
Pembahasan:Si pria akan memanggil Sally karena seharusnya mereka akan bertemu satu jam yang lalu. 
6.(M): Forgive the mess in here.You see we had a party last night.
           There were a lot of people.They all brought food,and the 
            leftovers are over the place
   (W):Yeah,I can tell.Well,I guess it’s pretty obvious what you will 
           be doing most of today.
      Q: What does th
e woman imply?

       a.The party should have ended sooner.
       b.The man’s apartment is too small for parties
       c. She’d like to be invited to the next part.
       d.The man will spend the day cleaning.
Jawab:(D)The man will spend the day cleaning.
Key word:what you will be doing most of today
Pembahasan:Si Wanita beranggapan bahwa sudah jelas apa yang akan dilakukan si pria selama hampir seharian untuk membersihkan
kekacauan di tempat si pria.

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