1.(M): I was going to get something to eat at the cafetaria,but it   
           seems to be closed. 
   (w): Oh,that’s bscause it’s sunday.why don’t you come with me
           to a place I know on Kennel street.
     Q: What does the woman suggest they do?
    a.Ask someone to recommend a place to eat.
    b.Cook something for themselves.
    c.Go to another place to eat
    d.Check the cafetaria later
Jawab:(C)Go to another place to eat.
Key word:Come with me to a place i know
Pembahasan:Si wanita mengajak si pria untuk mencari tempat makan lain di Kennel street.
2.(W): How did you pictures at the Orientation come out?
            did you get them back from the photo shop?
   (M): Actually the film’s still in the camera.I haven’t quite finished
           the roll.
    Q: Why can’t the woman see the pictures?
     a.The store has lost them
     b.The man doesn’t have enough money to pay for them
     c.The film hasn’t been processed yet
     d.The man is in a hurry
Jawab:(C)The film hasn’t been processed yet
Key word:The film is still in the camera
Pembahasan:Filmnya masih di dalam kamera,sehingga belum 
diproses dan si wanita tidak dapat melihat gambarnya.
3.(W): Do you have a calculator that you could lend me for a few 
            days?I just have no idea where mine is.
   (M): Well,yes,I have one.But actually it’s already on loan to 
      Q: What does the man mean? 
      a.He doesn’t own a calculator
      b.His calculator is broken
      c.He doesn’t want to lend his calculator to anyone
      d.Someone else borrowed his calculator
Jawab:(D)Someone else borrowed his calculator
Key word:It’s already on loan to someone
Pembahasan:Seseorang sedang meminjam kalkulator si pria.
4.(W): I can’t seem to wake up in the morning without coffee at 
   (M): You know,I’m just like you except that I prefer tea
      Q: What does the man mean?
       a: He like to drink coffee in the morning
       b: He seldom wakes up early
       c: He needs tea to feel alert
       d: He doesn’t usually eat breakfast
Jawab:(C)He needs tea to feel alert
Key word: I prefer tea
Pembahasan:Si pria memilih teh untuk diminum saat sarapan di pagi hari.
5.(W): If the weather doesn’t get any better,we may have to scrap 
           our plans for this afternoon’s picnic.
   (M): Don’t give up yet.The forecast says the clouds should clear 
           up by mid-morning.
      Q: What does the man imply?
       a.They shouldn’t change their plans
       b.He doesn’t trust the weather forecast
       c.They should have the picnic indoors
       d.He had forgotten about their plans
Jawab:(A)They shouldn’t change their plans
Key word:Don’t give up yet
Pembahasan:Si pria menyarankan si wanita untuk tidak menyerah tentang rencana piknik mereka,karena seharusnya tengah siang nanti cuaca akan cerah.
6.(M): Do you think I could borrow your car to go grocery 
            shopping?The supermarkets ouside the city are so much
            cheaper than the one by the school.But they’re so far away,
            I’d be happy to pick up anything you need
   (W): Well,I don’t like to let anyone else drive my car.Tell you 
            what,why don’t we go together?That way I can learn the the 
       Q: What does the woman mean?
        a.She doesn’t need anything from the supermarket
        b.She’ll go shopping with the man.
        c.Her car is being repaired tight now
        d.She prefers to go to the supermarket near the school
Jawab:(B)She’ll go shopping with the man
Key word:Why don’t we go together
pembahasan:si wanita mengajak si pria untuk pergi berbelanja bersama📖

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